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    Small in size, low cost and low powered camera module for high resolution serial bus monitoring system
  • Built-in JPEG CODEC for different resolution
  • 16-bit RGB or standard JPEG preview images
  • No external DRAM required


The GSM Camera – compact mobile monitoring system for transmission of high resolution static photos via GPRS/EDGE network. You can access your photos from PC or hand held device.   

Pictures of desired objects can be transmitted to:

    FTP server (passive mode)
    PC with an access to internet
    WEB server
    Video server (a separate device to be designed soon).

Camera application:

    Remote control
    Passageway control
    Traffic control (e.g. “traffic jam” inspection)

Additional functions:
Integrated microphone for audio surveillance of premises
Selectable photo formats (80x64, 160x128, 320x240,640x480) for transmission
Programmable period of automatic photo transmissions (intervals     from 1 min to 24 hours)
Remote camera activation through SMS or short call
List of authorized numbers (up to 20). Full configuration of the     camera is enabled only from one number.    From all other authorized     numbers it is possible to receive messages about system     initialization, request filming and listen to sounds in premises.

You can control GSM Camera:
   by SMS commands from mobile phone
   using PC program  “Camera Configurator” (included in the     device package)  
   from Video server (in the future)

External sensors can be connected to the camera. System reaction     to sensors is programmed by a user over SMS messages or “Camera     Configurator” software

Camera can be connected to external control system (e.g. security     console) and function as a part of the whole system

Additional video module Mini Camera or Cupol Camera can be     connected to the device for supplementing observation points    

Additional module will be recognized by the system automatically.

Technical specification:

Power supply
9-30V, 1W

Metal, dimensions 120x55x45мм

(without mounting bracket)

Operating temperature
 0 - +40C

Photo formats
JPEG 16bit color

80x64/160x128/320x240/640x480 pixels

Control contacts for external light
0-30V, 5А

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