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1. GSM Desktop Phone
(GSM & GPS Combo Products/Voice / Data Modems)
...tyle GSM mobile phone for home or office use. The product implements advantages of mobile phone: sending and receiving SMS messages, address book, integrated rechargeable battery. Large LCD display wi...

2. GSM Gateway Voice-Fax/USB C2C
(GSM & GPS Combo Products/Voice / Data Modems)
... to make Internet connection using laptop or stationary PC and allows browsing, sending e-mails, getting and receiving data and multimedia files in any place where GSM network is available. Multifunc...

(GSM Glossary/Glossary)
...nes appear as a Flash SMS (aka blinking SMS or alert SMS). The PDU format There are two ways of sending and receiving SMS messages:  by text mode and by PDU (protocol description unit) mode. The...

4. SMS over GPRS
(GSM Glossary/Glossary)
...d is about 6 to 10 SMS messages per minute. Note that some wireless carriers do not support the sending and receiving of SMS over GPRS ...

5. Technical introduction to GSM modem technology
(Tech. Info/Info GSM / UMTS)
...C’s or embedded devices. The advantage of Data calls over SMS is that both parties are capable of sending/receiving data through their terminals. Some points to be remembered in case of da...

6. The need of GSM tester
(Tech. Info/Case Studies)
...el Is the transmitting power level measured in dbm. If the level is too low then the base station will stop receiving a signal and the connection will be disconnected. If it is too high then the rece...

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Embedded Dual Band WiFi Antenna ANT-BXE4705
Embedded WIFI (2.4 / 5.5 GHz) Antenna ANT-BXE4705
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