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1. Lassen DR+GPS by Trimble
(GPS/Trimble GPS)
...tion RF technology NMEA or HIPPO protocols Automatic calibration of external sensor inputs Different antennas available Order code: MOD-NXX-Lassen DR+GPS ...

2. Lassen iQ by Trimble
(GPS/Trimble GPS)
...perating temp -40° to +85°C Sized for portable devices TSIP, TSIP, DGPS & NMEA support Different antennas available Ultra-low power: 90mW @ 3.3V ...

(GSM & GPS Combo Products/Video Monitoring / 3G Routers)
... cost and low powered camera module for high resolution serial bus monitoring system Built-in JPEG CODEC for different resolution 16-bit RGB or standard JPEG preview images No external DRAM required ...

(GSM Glossary/Glossary)
...e being met by the evolving GSM standard such as global roaming and personalized service features. The major differentiators of UMTS are: a new air interface operating at around 2GHz which will offer ...

5. DTMF Decoder
(GSM Glossary/Glossary)
... 16 DTMF tone-pairs into a 4-bit code.  External component count is minimized by on chip provision of a differential input amplifier, clock oscillator and latched three-state bus interface. Feat...

6. SMS
(GSM Glossary/Glossary)
...ich has to be known to the sender of a mobile originated message. The availability of the SMS service over different mobile networks depends on roaming  agreements of the networks, as well as o...

(GSM Glossary/Glossary)
...;    SMSC Short Message Service Centre Every Short Message has to pass the SMSC. There are different ways to tranfer the Short Message to the Short Message Service Centre. A Short me...

8. SMS Cell Broadcasting
(GSM Glossary/Glossary)
...lected to determine the area over which the message is broadcast). On Cell Broadcast the GSM operators send different news or data. Often they offer business news, weather forcast and so one. The Ger...

9. SMS Text Mode
(GSM Glossary/Glossary)
... command AT+CSMP. A other way is to send a prefix with the text message. This prefixes are not equal by the different GSM opertors in the world. By the German GSM operator Vodafone you have to add *N...

10. GSM data call and GSM fax
(Tech. Info/Info GPS)
...umbering A few, but not all GSM networks offers single numbering. The you will have one number  for all different kind of calls like in a landline based ISDN application. The kind of the call is ...

11. Selecting the right antenna
(Tech. Info/Info Antennas)
...e rules remain equal like: • ·Non-metal components in vicinity of the antenna. What is near differs by the different antenna designs • ·Free space areas around the antenna or sometimes cupper ar...

...ple rules remain equal like: • ·Non-metal components in vicinity of the antenna. What is near differs by the different antenna designs • ·Free space areas around the antenna or sometimes cupper areas ...

13. Antenna technology basics
(Tech. Info/Info Antennas)
...ll but another person in the same room might have problems placing a call. The chipset and amplifiers in different mobiles are quite often the same. Even when you compare mobiles with the same b...

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Embedded GSM antenna ANT-GXE474
Ultra slim GSM antenna GXE474 Quad band, dimensions (mm):
24 x 5.5 x 4.4 mm

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