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PCB in final stage PDF

If the PCB with antenna design-in and all other components in a final stage you should
start with developing the matching circuit. Final stage means final PCB and final enclosure.
Think about that the plastic box will impact on the parameters of the antenna, too. For this
task, you will need a network analyzer and some experience how to work with such a tool.

If you have no capacities for this task, we can offer this as a service as well. If your PCB
will not fit to our design rules, we will charge a handling fee without making further
optimization and give the prototype back to you. We recommend hiring a freelancer if you
have concerns or problems by design-in off embedded antennas.

Let us look forward. Your PCB has no problems in the upper mentioned mistakes and
bugs. The PCB has a final stage and the plastic enclosure is ready with final plastic. In this
stage of development, you will forward your final product to us.



We will have a look at the design and maybe replace the antenna you got to another in same shape.

If we see that the matching circuit is not perfect, then we will come back to you with an offer for
optimization. Please take care that the PCB you forward to us has impedance tested micro
strip lines. If you change the PCB later, then all effort for optimization is lost.



The easiest and cheapest way for us is to ensure that the antenna can stay as it is and matching circuit
is perfect. It may be that we have to replace antenna and matching circuit on the PCB with
enclosure that you have given to us.

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Embedded GSM antenna ANT-GXE474
Ultra slim GSM antenna GXE474 Quad band, dimensions (mm):
24 x 5.5 x 4.4 mm

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