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Designing your first PCB PDF

On your first PCB you should mount the recommended components for matching circuit. In
the later period of the development, you can then optimise the matching circuit. For first
trial something close to 50 Ohm is fine. At this point it makes sense to use a GSM tester.


A GSM tester simulates a GSM base station.


You can select channels beginning, middle and
end of the band and force 2 Watt transmit power. Most times the GSM application crashes.

What could happen (examples of mistakes and bugs reported):
• · Power supply or battery is not able to support the 2 Ampere peaks. By the way, this
user mistake is independent on embedded antenna. Power down reset is the frequently
done user mistake. In our user forum you will find one message board called “Power
supply and power down reset”
• · The 2 Watt RF power interfere with the DC power regulator on your PCB and a
triggered power down reset
• · The 2 Watt RF power interfere with the security electronic in the LIPO battery and
generated RF noise on quite other RF bands
• · The 2 Watt RF power interfere with electronic components in the PCB and
generated RF noise on quite other RF bands
• · The 2 Watt RF power interfere with the micro controller on PCB and the micro
controller stops to work

The offices of our customers are very often in cities or villages. In such locations, most
times GSM 1800 or GSM 1900 is in use. Both GSM band support 1 Watt only. The
maximum peaks will be 1 Ampere. The base station will be close to you. That means your
device has never to support highest power level.


By using of a GSM tester, you have full
control and can force the worst-case conditions. Premium customers can loan GSM tester
from us free of charge.

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