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Selecting the right antenna PDF

Let us go back to embedded antennas. We have several embedded antennas for you.
Each antenna has its benefits and advantages, but maybe limitations as well. Without
recommendations and advice, you take the risk to select the wrong antenna for your



A short consulting by phone and email we offer free of charge. Finally yet
importantly, we can help with customized antennas.

After selecting the right antenna, we would like to recommend the following guideline for
the antenna



Some simple rules remain equal like:
• ·Non-metal components in vicinity of the antenna. What is near differs by the different
antenna designs
• ·Free space areas around the antenna or sometimes cupper areas as reflectors
• ·A ground plane that is big enough. Often antennas are lambda/4 antennas with a need
for a ground plane. The ground plane size depends on the lowest frequency you would like
to radiate.
• ·Micro strip lines with right impedance (most time 50 Ohm)
• ·Matching circuit to adjust the impedance, centre frequency or bandwidth of the



Further details are listed in the guidelines of the antennas. A lot of antennas are wired by
50 Ohm micro strip lines. Please feel free to come back to us if you have no tools to
calculate the micro strip lines. We also would like to recommend playing with the 3D
dimensions of the micros trip lines to get a feeling, which parameters will change if you
change distance of the tracks to next layer or thickness of the copper layers or broadness
of the tracks.



Finally yet importantly, the Epsilon R of your FR4 will influence the
impedance of your micro strip line too. Often suppliers of prototype PCBs cannot produce
and test PCBs on impedance. They even cannot guarantee the Epsilon R of the PCB. For
your first few samples if is OK to calculate with the common average Epsilon R of your
PCB material.

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