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Embedded WLAN Module 2.0 PDF
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    Build-in WLAN drivers - easy to integrate
  • Integrated as well as external antenna
  • Interface on UART
  • Use integrated or your TCP stack
  • Pin compatible to Data Logger Module 2.0


WLAN module 2.0  is an advanced device server module

These device server connect to various interfaces such as RS232, CAN, SPI, I2C... and extends them wirelessly using WLAN technology. Simple wireless point to point connections as well as extended and complex networked products are easily to set up. A scripting language allows to tailor the WLAN Module to fit precisely. The modules are designed to be integrated into a product as an OEM plug-in.

WLAN module features

  • Build-in WLAN drivers - easy to integrate
  • Feature rich command set to control device
  • Automatic mode to create wireless cable replacement
  • Integrated as well as external antenna
  • Services (EMail, Web,...) build-in the WLAN Module
  • Use integrated or your TCP stack (“looks like Ethernet”)
  • Scripting language to create customized behaviour

Scripting language to customize

User specific data formatting and filtering is done with the build-in scripting of the WLAN Module. The script is loaded once and executed on power up. Commands for file operation, if-then-else structures etc. are available. Button and LEDs can be controlled. The BASIC like syntax is easy to catch on.

Interface and expansion options for the WLAN Module

Base WLAN Module (containing the processor) and Trailer Modules are stacked to form one functional block. Trailer Modules with SD memory cards, LAN, motion sensor, etc. are available.

Features of the WLAN Module 2.0

  • WLAN 802.11 b/g
  • Build in WLAN module drivers - no additional drivers needed
  • Interfaces: RS232, CAN, I2C, SPI, Ethernet
  • Scripting language – BASIC like syntax
  • Dimensions: 37x32x12mm
  • WLAN bridge mode (Provides transparency for RS232, CAN, etc.)
  • Optional SD card reader for data logging

Technical Data of the WLAN Module

WLAN Standards:
802.11 g+b (54Mbit + 11Mbit), 14 channels

SPI, I2C, UART (RS232, RS485, RS422) @ 3.3V, CAN, GPIO

Data rate:
Up to 5Mbit true user bandwidth

Security and integrity:
WEP, WPA (TKIP) and WPA2 (AES) encryption. TCP/IP for data integrity.

U.FL antenna connector for external antenna
Internal antenna activated by cable

Software / drivers:
"No drivers needed": Configuration done through commands on data
interface or build in web site.

Temperature Range:
Operating range: -30°C to 85°C

Power Supply:
Supply voltage: 3.3 V +/- 0.1V
Current consumption: about 100mA (300mA without power save)

Dataformat on Interfaces:
Raw binary or ASCII data,
simple packet format for multiple simultaneous connections



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