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Data Logger Module 2.0 SD PDF
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  • Exchangeable storage media (High Capacity SD Card)
  • Scripting language to customize function and data formatting
  • Data readable directly on PC
  • Extentable with WLAN or LAN function


Data Logger Module 2.0 SD

  • Automatic data logging & flexible read/write functions
  • Data logger module readable directly on PC
  • Scripting language to customize function and data formatting
  • Push-Push mechanism to hold memory card into slot of the data logger module
  • Flexible data formatting and time stamping
  • Scripting language to customize functions
  • Stackable add-ons: WLAN, sensors

Automatic data recording for Data Logger Module

  • A data stream from a RS232, CAN, RS485, I2C or SPI interface can be logged automatically into a file.
  • Data Logger Module features such as auto start, time stamping, log file splitting are configurable.
  • Take out Memory Card and insert into PC  to process data.
  • PC utilities help with data analysis (CAN messages).

Scripting language to customize the Data logger module

  • User specific data formating and filtering is done with the build-in scripting.
  • The script is loaded once and executed on power up of the data logger module.
  • Commands for file operation, if-then-else structures etc. are available.
  • Button and LEDs can be controlled The BASIC like syntax is easy to catch on.

Data Logger Module interface and expansion options

  • Base Module (containing the processor) and Trailer Modules are stacked to form one functional block.
  • Trailer Modules with WLAN, LAN, motion sensor, etc. are available.

Technical details of the Data Logger Module

  • Data Interface

RS232/RS485: TTL Level Signal,
1.200 - 1MBaud, RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF
CAN-BUS: Rx/Tx Signal, up to 1Mbit/s
Message format 2.0A und 2.0B,
SPI: Master or slave
I2C: Master or slave, up to 400kb/s

  • Storage media

SD memory cards High Capacity
4 GB and more
FAT32 file system, 8.3 file naming

  • Power supply

Voltage: 3,3 V (DC), Current: <80mA
Connector: 2.54mm male stackable header

  • Dimensions

Size 37x32x7 mm
Weigth 50g

  • Operating conditions

Temperature range -30°C bis 85°C
depends on memory card used

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